healer (split tape)

by Daniel Johann and Absent Parents

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"Healer" was recorded between, late january and yesterday. All recorded on Ann Gales dictaphone, live, first three songs recorded at Mildreds and last three at Dalis house, "shoes... " recorded in his bathroom.
"Healer" is a split tape, Daniel Johann and Absent Parents have put to gether.
i am honored to work with such a good friend and talented musician.


released February 4, 2013

Thanks to Nana Ann for the Dictaphone.
Thanks to ike for the musicianship.
thanks to Jonothan Verrall for the photo.



all rights reserved


Absent Parents Nelson, New Zealand

dali mcdonald
girl house

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Track Name: hands out
it's alright
it's not alright

feel me
scope out all the rooms

i know you don't care
i know you don't mind

all you got and all
you don't have to


i'm just feeling great
all the times with my friends when we'd stay up late

oh i know i'm alright
i'm not alright

i'm not scared of you
i'm just afraid that one day oh what i'll do

will be enough
to further myself from near to you


don't wanna hold my hand out
don't want anyone to hold my hand
Track Name: you never mean a thing
I know
You see the best in me
We're always fighting
But you never mean a thing
The weather's cold
But you never wear a coat
So we'll go inside
And put on warm clothes

All the time
I'll talk to you
'Til you're lonely
Just me and you
Mortal fallacy
That's always true
What should I do?

I wish
I needed more help
It's hard
When you're not around
A waistcoat
That I found
Was yours
Is mine now

All the time
I'll talk to you
'Til you're lonely
Just me and you
Mortal fallacy
That's always true
What should I do?
Track Name: i hope you die
i hope you die slowly
i'll mourn your death
i'll never think about you
until you've left

a dark light shaded car
pulls up slow all around me
like a veil on a bride
i recede calmly back
from the foreground to the background
my green envious aspects come about
and like a shooting star
i conclude that eventually
all life comes to an end
to see this one out
is the last thing i'll do
and consequently the first thing i'll regret

i hope you die slowly
i'll mourn your death
i sometimes think about you
dead or depressed
Track Name: just to see you.
i ran home from a crowded place.
to isolate my self from you, and everything i hate.
in me.... in me.

and when he walks home late at night
he'll struggle to recognize my smile.
because its been a while since ive seen it
been a while since ive seen it.

Just to see you.
and i came home to find you there.
Track Name: like fathers do. (shoes better clean the wing)
i am my fathers only son
i will emulate all hes done
so i guess i'll be leaving soon
i'll be leaving you.

i wish i saw my mother in me
my sisters got her eyes, those brown eyes so pretty.
so all i can do is what i do, and hope it makes me happy,
its just a shame what i do has been killing me.


and i cant stand the way i hold myself
ive tried to sober while in my house
while in her house.
i guess its just not working out

and its 4am and im all alone
thinking one day this place will be my house and my home.
and nothing will change i will be all alone all the same.
and if im just destined to leave, i will avoid being happy
i will be leaving town
so you dont get let down,

like father like son
i will emulate all he has done
Track Name: those people (part 2)
its nice to mean something to someone
i just wish someone meant something to me. (times 3)

and darling please tell me you love me
because et-least that would make one of us. (times 3)