by Absent Parents

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recorded over winter.
here it is. this is for my friends.

"i love it" - eskimo eyes


released August 19, 2013

this is for my friends



all rights reserved


Absent Parents Nelson, New Zealand

dali mcdonald
girl house

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Track Name: the colour of my home town
shut the doors and lock my self in
bounce my fists of off my chest and my chin
a few blue bruises to be fair
nothing ever felt so clear
nothing ever seemed so clear

and our first kiss i could have sworn you snowed
fucked and fragile we hide in our homes
we'r old enough to breathe alone
surely you could breathe, if i wasn't stuck in your throat

because im the one we both hate the most...
im the one we both hate the most...

im the one im the one im the one we both hate the most...
im the one im the one im the one we both hate the most...
Track Name: the colour of his home town
cold embrace,in my empty space
old friend you found me
a fathers touch, i fell in love
with every still submissive body
you convinced me you could fix me

it was in the barn, we made love
and you whispered don't you tell your father
you held my hand, and i my breathe
as you pushed yourself against my chest
and whispered the worst hasn't happened yet
you can only hope to forget...

you held my head down, and let me choke
you'd get me drunk and your mother would drive me home..
your mother would drive me home...

you the barn down and you left your house
the same year i left town... old friend, why?
Track Name: the colour of her home town
cold night so long, sober bus ride home
i wipe you'r lipstick of and clear my throat
your air in my lungs, your blood on my tong
and your naked body in mine crying

"its been love that's been killing me"

come down quick and cold, i rest against your bones
i found your body in the hall drunk and alone
cold sympathy, fathers codeine
chase me out with looks so lovely, push me out when you told me you loved me
i traded blood for lust, and fell in love with the idea of a cold quiet fuck
and i miss the warmth you gave me,

"it was was that love that was killing me"

and i couldn't see it through all the pain, but i was comfortable then
and i won't have that again