i'm happy meoww, and it hurts

by Absent Parents

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Photo of Jade Newtons knees was taken by Darcy Gibbons


released January 27, 2013

thanks to Geoffrey Kessell, for the guitar Midi, and Midi key board.
thanks to Liz, and Andrew, for the headphones, the company, and mic and obviously Mildreds garage.
and thanks to her.



all rights reserved


Absent Parents Nelson, New Zealand

dali mcdonald
girl house

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Track Name: group 1: the dinosaur...
i met my match
with the love that wasnt mine
he was always that boy
whom i could never find

theres still your note on my dresser
and that dinosaur you drew on my wall
but it dosnt matter any more.
Track Name: laura is gone
i dont want to change, any of my ways
for a girl whos, leaving soon.
you dont want to be, the boy who falls in love with me
because i'm following a path that can't end with you.

shes just another girl, shes just another fuck,
no i wont ever be content nor will i find love.

once he was happy
trust he lost somebody
because she was looking for something
that should never be found.
and she found ahome six feet under ground, away from all the noise of the tortured girls and boys
boys and
and boys.....

and she was just another girl she was just another fuck i i was never content nor did i find love.... :( lol
Track Name: all my friends wish they were dead
sometimes when i am alone, i wish that you would come on home
oh mum its me, im looking at me through anothers eyes again
and i dont like what i see.

absent parents and codeine
a painful prosses but it works for me darling
got a friend at the pharmacy, she does what she does
to keep us happy (baby (? )

been a while since i slept on the streets, been a while since you last kissed me
been a while since he wrung, been a while since i was happy.

sad stories and cigarettes, the pain hasnt killed us yet oh no..
vomit glitter and teen suicide
it seems its all happening tonight oh lord...
all my friends wish that they were dead....
i'm just thankful the drugs and prithee girls
distract me....

mum its, me, im looking at myself through anothers eyes again and i dont like what i see.
Track Name: i left my library book in a drug dealers car
codeine for the children ma,
methadone for me.
left alone i can feel at home in my own company.

i was 15 when you first took ritalyn
in the loft of my old home.
you said id learn to love it soon


and i never thought id feel this way about anything let alone anyone,
please tell me you hate me so i know im not the only one...
please tell me you dont love me so i know, im not the only one.
Track Name: group 2: died slowly...
Group two:

i have no one to impress,
no one to depress just me
just me its just me.....

and i, and i will keep on looking
for what i never had
i will find you one of these days... one of these days.
Track Name: taylor is dead
and i know you cant escape, because, hurt people hurt people, and hurt people aint what you thought they were... no they aint.

Taylor in the back yard you took your life
taylor no one quite knows why.

you have to learn to go easy on me
i know i know...
because hurt people hurt people, and we cant escape.

Taylor in the back yard you took your life
taylor no one quite knows why.
Track Name: stereotypes are comforting
Oh Darling, ist just a substance
just somthing to maake me smile
like you never did

darling, youv become everything
everything i'm not
ive got
i put my hole life inside a girl
its become way to easy to fuck my world.

i dont no i dont belong here,
no no one, no one belongs here
but the proscriptions take it all away proscriptions take it all away.

oh darling, you were but a substance
just somthing to make me sile, like i never did
and darling i will regret this, just like all we'v done