"ella don't eat your pill"

by Absent Parents

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this collection of songs was recorded between 1st of February and the 31st of March. songs were recorded in various bedrooms a music room at school, but the majority in Mildreds garage. cover photo taken by Ike Z(of "Your Beautiful House" fame)


released April 1, 2013

thanks to ella gale bisdee for the help singing "to'sleep' "
thanks to liz as always for being a dank band mum, and thank you to any one listening.
thanks to daniel lines and jade newton for recording the song at tahuna primary, it didnt really fit, but i will put it somewhere.
thank you Andy Dave, for letting me steal your internet to upload this.
and for singing on "a city filled with cheap bleach"

thank you for listening it, means a lot to me.




all rights reserved


Absent Parents Nelson, New Zealand

dali mcdonald
girl house

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Track Name: taylor
i passed out in your bathtub that we sat out looking at stars
you said didnt believe in progressive love as you cried in my arms

you said it didnt change anything...
i saw taylor that weekend he didnt look any different to me
he took his life a few days later
and hes just another kid who had his questions answered in his back yard.

he said he said he said he said he said...

"cheap bleach for lonely boys,"
bleach is cheap this time of year....
Track Name: joanna
i'm still alive and i'm still alone
despite all the love in my home
and the only names i cant forget are those of the people who either died or left me

and please don't play me out
i'll be who you want to see with time
because i'm sick of letting myself down

i've got a couple of cute dead friends and i know a couple who met there ends with a child, like me
and ill be seeing my friends soon if these dreams, they get pursued

the only one i learnt to trust the only one i taught myself to love but its alright...

[[bridge then chorus]]
Track Name: eliot
it snowed as we left school
i'd normally leave with you
i dont normaly play the fall
but in this town there aint better things to do

i drunk myself to sleep
just to leave you be

when i was 13

all i wanted was to be near you
all i wanted was to be near you
Track Name: sisters/medication
come pick me up
come pick me up

only her voice does make me anxious i am but mothers son only i am lonely in her home.
the others have loves of their own
the others have loves of their own

please pick me up
please pick me up
when you leave home
without you i cant help but feel alone.
Track Name: to "sleep"
you ready?

i still smell your perfume in the place where you slept
i've struggled how i've struggled to sleep ever since ever since you left.

and now you've got him the two of you have all you need
and that leaves me
and i dont need anything but the necessities to keep missing you
oh theres nothing
oh theres nothing that ican do.

and we sat out on the hillside
talking about our little lives and you said

"your the only one who knows what i mean, when i wake up crying at 1 am"

and i know its hard enough to fall in love with someone whos happy,
but god dammit girl why couldn't you just love me.
god dammit girl why couldn't you just come back home.
Track Name: a city filled with cheap bleach
weight for the earth my darling
weight for the dirt to pass over you
and bury you in our mothers grave

your just a bleach boy kid
your bound to fuck up like i did
and drown in the grave i have made...

we dont talk much these days
i wish we talked more these days
but whats there for me to say
oh sisterim sorry, please forgive me

because in a city fall of cheap bleach, ill forget your memories
and only then will i be happy.

(some more melodramatic words)

oh sister i'm sorry please forgive me, for all i've done